CEO and Founder of The Motivated Co.

Alicia Lozano is the owner & founder of The Motivated Co. Alicia is known for her
high-energy approach and her relentless commitment to goals.  She believes that people can go from #zerotoanything with the right mindset + grit.

Alicia stumbled upon her passion for business operations when an entrepreneur friend asked her to build out SOP’s for her company. The moment she started to put those processes together something lit up inside her as if she had finally found “it”. She hasn’t looked back since!  In addition to her graduate degree in Organizational Development & Leadership as well as her 7 year corporate HR background; Alicia has the experience streamlining business operations and has been the trusted operations consultant for over  20 small businesses. 


Alicia’s expertise has been featured in Voyage San Antonio Magazine, and in multiple business podcasts. Alicia’s favorite part about being a business operations consultant is the fact that she can help make business fun again for CEO’s on a mission! When she is not working in your business , you can find her dancing to some beyonce, reading a good book, or binging shows with her hubbs and her four pupps.

Fun Facts!