The Customer Experience Operations Audit

With Alicia Lozano

The systems intensive that takes overworked
entrepreneurs to streamlined and in flow.

The systems
intensive that takes
to streamlined and
in flow.

Go from Noooooo to FLOW!

Do you want to go from exhausted and frustrated to finally feeling at ease in your business knowing it’s organized and streamlined?  

Are you sick of feeling burnt out from being pulled into the day-to-day while everyone around you seems to be in FLOW and working in their zone of genius?

What would stepping into the CEO role mean for you and your dreams and vision for that next level of your business?

Friend, tell me… is this where you’re at right now?

You really need a quick win in your business right about now.

It’s like I read your mind, right? That’s because I’ve totally been there too.

Then, after helping my friend develop her business processes, I had a physically energetic experience that was nothing short of spiritual. The feeling confirmed “this is it” and allowed me to see the path forward. Then I had a spiritual experience that helped me to have an energetic shift in my business and allowed me to see the path forward.  

I dove headfirst into operations and kept leaning into what felt right … And I finally quit the let go of that traditional corporate path and experienced FREEDOM to be who I was.

I went from struggling side hustler to being CEO, girl!

Was I scared to let go? You bet! 😳

Did I worry about what was coming next? Yep! All  👏🏽the  👏🏽 time  👏🏽.

But then I found my FLOW 💃🏽, and now I support entrepreneurs with breaking free from the “I can do it all” mentality of grinding to get ahead. 

And you know what? Making investments in experts that I know are going to help me scale is what really helped my business grow.

I don’t have time to do it all myself, and I’m not the best person to be doing it all because I need time to market my business.


You’ve figured out that doing business needs to happen on your terms …

No one else’s business strategy is going to match exactly the strategy that you need to follow …

You need to pave your own way and you already know the answers …

Now you need to set up your life and business to support who you are

Part of that is spending money on the RIGHT experts at the right time and trusting that this is the RIGHT next step

You can create a business that can thrive with a small but mighty team. One that is empowered to take on the task without adding layers of admin to your plate.  

No need to create your empire with overcomplicated processes.  You can set yourself up to grow with the help of a few focused systems and processes that are right for your business.

Here is how we helped an agency

start to deliver "a massively better service" to their clients as a result of working with us.

Like I said, I know exactly what you're going through right now...which is why I created the...

The CX Ops Audit

In just one day you can stop feeling overworked and start your journey to a streamlined backend that allows you to hit your goals with flow and ease!


Young plus size woman on pink background dancing holding stereo - Chubby woman listening music isolated studio shot - enjoying, diversity, body positive concept

And this is how we’re going to do it, together...

Afro-Latina woman wearing a casual sweater on a blue background Smiling pointing to her head with her fingers, great idea or thought, good memory

Inside this service, you’ll receive…

The clarity alone is worth 10x the investment of this audit. Each system we plan out has the potential to save you and your team 5 hours of work each time you use it. Imagine what you could do with that time to uplevel your business!⏳


And we can get this all done within 2 weeks from start to finish.

But wait… I almost forgot your BONUSES!

Bonus #1 (value $500)

ClickUp templates for you to track your leads, sales and all the details of your business. 

Easily get your Business Hub set up with these templates. Having a hub will make team management SO much easier. 👯

Bonus #2 (value $1000)

SOPs done for you:

  • SOP: How to build SOPs (kinda meta I know, but necessary for growth)
  • SOP: How to do an annual tech audit (so your assistant can implement this going forward, making sure your business stays up to date)
  • SOP: How to onboard your next team member (because you are going to be cruising once we remove the bottleneck in your flow
Bonus #3 (value $1000)

A template for your Business Operations Manual so onboarding your new team member becomes a breeze. 💃🏽

Plug in your vision, mission, values, organization chart and. all the information you need your team to know without having to create this from scratch. 

Bonus #4 (value $3000)

Your customer journey is mapped out in an easy-to-understand visual format so you and your team are always on the same page and future planning becomes almost intuitive. 🗺️

The magic that comes out of this session is GOLD. 

Your Investment

If you’re well and truly done with feeling strapped for time and resources and you’re ready for a business full of flow, ease, and growth… then let’s make magic together.🌈

Pay In Full

$ 3,000

2 Payments

$ 1500

Yes, you read that right… that’s $8500 of value for just $3,000.

I want this to be a DOUBLE HELL YES for you! 🙌🏽 🙌🏽 

I take client satisfaction VERY seriously! If you’re not 100% happy with the outcome of your audit we’ll get back on a call and make sure it’s exactly what you were looking for! 

FLOW Framework

I have poured all my experiences into my proprietary FLOW framework.


Examine your current business operations, your vision, and the next level, and then develop the bridge to get you from where you are now to that next level.


Lean in and leverage your tech, your team, your automation and create sustainable changes that free up your time. Create a lean team and work smarter not harder.


Build out the right processes for your business. Let’s see how we can streamline and simplify your business so we know we’re creating the shortest pathway to your vision.


Implement the processes, evaluate and ensure that they are working for you. Manage the changes in your business so we can create sustainable, long-term solutions.

Friend, I created this for you

I know you’re worth more than that frustration you’re feeling when you can’t move forward … feeling like you can’t make it to the next level. That exasperation that you keep doing the same thing over and over and something has to change if you want to grow. 


It’s time to ditch the frustration and overwhelm and start investing in your future and your business. Let’s start by thinking next level


Sure, you can go it alone – but that has been your challenge so far hasn’t it? You just don’t have time to create the processes to  bring on the team members.  The CX Ops Audit is going to help you get clarity around how it’s all going to work and what you need to do first. 


You’ll know exactly what you need in place for your business to grow to the next level – and who wouldn’t want that??


I know I want that for you…


What They Say

You were born a visionary

I was born an integrator.

Hi. I'm Alicia.

Your high energy and straightforward integrator who also loves care bears and rainbows and is a mom to 4 rescue pups. Think of me as a SourPatch kid! I like to say I’m a “corporate dropout ”. I have a Masters Degree in Organizational Development and Leadership that gave me the foundation to become an operations expert for online entrepreneurs.

My mission in life is to make next level success easier for struggling and burnt out  CEO through streamlining operations and systems so that their agency and team have the freedom to make more impact and income.💃🏽

You have taken the first step towards designing a life you love by choosing the path of a business owner.

Now, you are ready to make a massive impact and add massive value to your community and yourself, organizing and optimizing your business and life to operate in FLOW is no small feat. 

Have no fear, I am here to help. I tap into the designer in you to organize, systemize, and re-energize your business, so you get excited again about the business and life you are building. 

Then we work to uncover what you need to implement to get you feeling jazzed up and your clients feeling like they are part of a bigger movement, something greater than themselves.

I want to keep you from asking yourself “do I run my business or does my business run me?”


I want to keep you from asking yourself
“do I run my business or does my business run me?”
Are you ready to get into FLOW?


This CX Ops Audit is perfect for you if …

I know you’re busy. You’re moving fast and you’re at capacity. You just have no more room for one more thing on your plate … so let me take some of that off your plate. Let me work with you to create and streamline those processes so you can grow your business without having to babysit your team.

Frequently Asked Questions


We sure do! This is something we can chat about during our discovery call or after the audit is complete. 

Implementation can range from 1-6 months depending on your needs. A custom proposal will be made once we get to that point,  but price typically starts at $3200 for a months worth of work. 

Here’s the whole enchilada: The audit consists of a some pre-work that will lead us into our audit prep call where we spend most of the time mapping out your customer journey end to end.  Followed by the actual audit (done by me and my team) for the 8 hour day (where we can talk on Voxer). The next week we wrap things up with a 90 minute debrief call to talk through my findings of the audit and answer any questions you have.  From there I do a bit of work and deliver your final biz ops action plan to you within 7 business days. The whole process is approximately 2 weeks. 

Yes, 50/50. 50% to book and  hold the spot and 50% 48 hours before the kickoff call.

Easy as pumpkin pie! I’m a go-getter, high D & I (on DiSC), business owner that cares about whether or not this works for YOUR company. I will truly listen to you and hear what your concerns are, and be flexible in finding solutions that work for you. There’s no one size fits all solution for businesses. Everyone’s processes will be different (they’re impacted by your business model, your team, your core values, and your existing processes) and I work with you to see what you want your business to look like. Then we work together to develop a pathway to help you achieve your vision.


According to my past client Kylie “I love her personality. She is a person that you just automatically feel connected to and want to get to know better. She has the most interesting stories and just flows through life like no one I’ve ever seen. I would love to meet her in person”

My company core values are:

Own your own happiness: We make the environment fun, inclusive for everyone’s individuality, and speak up when that is in jeopardy or work becomes mundane. 

Be self-aware: We understand how our past experiences and current behavior impacts who we are and how we interact with each other and our customers. 

Believe you are capable: We see failures, lack of skills/knowledge as just something to learn. We figure shit out together, always!

Live in gratitude: We are grateful for every customer, every opportunity, each other, and our life. We express gratitude and strive to over deliver to our team and customers. 

Persevere: There is nothing we can’t do. We can make a unicorn appear if we wanted. We are magic. We problem solve until we achieve all goals. 

Nope. My goal isn’t to switch you into one specific tech stack. No Asana vs ClickUp debates here! We’re going to look at your systems to make sure that we can make what you have as efficient as possible so that your clients feel as though they walked into a family. We might decide that there is a better system out there to support you, but you don’t have to be using a particular system for this process to work for you.

Absolutely! The more in sync we are about how to best streamline your business the better!